Overview: This course uses MyProgrammingLab as a supplement to the textbook, Building Java Programs.  There are about 12 exercises to be completed approximately every week, and will use material that has already been covered.  On rare occasions, you will need to consult documentation to answer the questions.

This is the first time I am using MyProgrammingLab for this course, and to my knowledge, its first use at UT Austin.

Registration: Register at with your  Email ID, CourseID (a.k.a. "Section Access Code"): UNITEX-AUS-7727-0, and your Access code that came with the book.

Scoring and deadlines: The problems are arranged in sets under 'CS 312 EXERCISES'.  Each set will become visible about 2 weeks before the due date. Points will be awarded for each correct solution.  Approximately one day after the deadline for submission, the answers will become visible. There will be no late submissions accepted.  We recommend that you do the exercises throughout the week -- let this be part of your studying.

If the MyProgrammingLab has technical difficulties, please inform the graduate TA as soon as possible, but always within 5 days of the deadline. Access difficulties caused by problems at their end should be told to the TA right away.

Scores will be posted only at the end of the semester, and they will be scaled to 50 points.

Extra work: You may of course do as many exercises as you like.  There will be no credit for the extra work.

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