CS 378: Assignment 2 - Dockers and Containers

Due 11:59 PM, Tuesday, October 3, 2017


The goal of this assignment is to get you familiarized with dockers. You will learn about how to dockerize any application by building a simple client and server containers using dockers.

What is to be done?

To install and get started with docker follow this link: Get Started with Dockers

You will be building two containers using docker. These containers can be built starting from an official base image. Official Images has a list of different official base images. Start from the image that is suitable for you.

You need to create a user-defined network in docker and run both these containers on the network created. The containers should run these applications by default (i.e, on run command). Mention in README as to what should be done to get into the container shell instead of running the applications by default (i.e, on run command).

NOTE: You should be able to get into the shell of the client container to physically check if the file has been recieved.

What to submit?


What is tested?

Grade Distribution