CS388P: Parallel Algorithms, Fall 2012

Professor. Vijaya Ramachandran (vlr"at"cs), ACES 3.432, 471-9554.

DAILY SCHEDULE, September 26

This is a tentative schedule and may be updated during the course of the semester.

Wed, Aug 29 . Introduction: work-time optimality.
Mon, Sep 3 . Labor Day, no class
Wed, Sep 5 Project handout PRAM model; prefix sums.
Mon, Sep 10 . Maximum on CRCW PRAM: upper and lower bounds.
Wed, Sep 12 Project preferences due Sep 13 Network models; caching models; multicores.
Mon, Sep 17 MT1 Bitonic sort
Wed, Sep 19 . Pipeling; searching and merging.
Mon, Sep 24 PS1 out CREW work-time optimal merging, merge-sort; list ranking
Wed, Sep 26 . 3-coloring a linked list; work-optimal list ranking
Mon, Oct 1 MT2 Randomized list ranking; Euler tour technique
Wed, Oct 3 PS1 due Oct 4 LCA and range minima.
Mon, Oct 8 First project write-up due Oct 9 Graph connected components
Wed, Oct 10 . Ear decomposition
Mon, Oct 15 TEST 1 TEST 1
Wed, Oct 17 . Tree contraction; lower bound for CREW PRAM
Mon, Oct 22 PS2 out Randomized routing on a hypercube
Wed, Oct 24 . BSP model: work-preserving emulations
Mon, Oct 29 MT3 Multicore and cache-efficient algorithms
Wed, Oct 31 PS2 due Nov 1 Multicore and cache-oblivious algorithms
Mon, Nov 5 PS3 out Transitive closure bottleneck; NC; Boolean circuit families
Wed, Nov 7 . AC-k and CRCW PRAM
Mon, Nov 12 MT4 Relations between models; parallel computation thesis.
Wed, Nov 14 PS3 due Nov 15 P-completeness.
Mon, Nov 19 Final project write-up due Nov 20 RNC; polynomial identities; perfect matching.
Wed, Nov 21 . Isolating lemma; maximum matching
Mon, Nov 26 Project presentations Project presentations
Wed, Nov 28 Project presentations Project presentations
** Fri, Nov 30, 2-5 pm Project presentations Hold for project presentations
Mon, Dec 3 . Wrap-up
Wed, Dec 5 TEST 2 TEST 2