CS398T (#53265), Fall 2012

The University of Texas at Austin
Department of Computer Sciences



Time and Place. MW 4-6, BUR 116

Professor. Vijaya Ramachandran (vlr"at"cs), ACES 3.432, 471-9554.
Office Hours. Tuesday 3-5 pm.

Prerequisites. All entering Ph.D. students will take this course.

COURSE OUTLINE. The class will meet MW 4-6 for the first few weeks, and the students will participate in independent study for the rest of the semester.

During the first few weeks, there will be talks by several CS faculty members, as well as lectures on TA training.

Attendance is required at all class meetings.

To obtain credit for this course, a student must attend scheduled lectures, must perform satisfactory independent study, and must register for a research supervisor for Spring 2013 by the end of the semester.