Programming Languages - Honors

CS345H Fall 2011
Time: MWF 9:30-11am
Location: NOA 1.102
Unique: 52415


Instructor: William Cook
Phone: (512) 471-9555
Office: ACES 5.244
Office Hours:
Monday 11-12
Wednesday 1-2
Thursday 11-12
(or by appointment)

Teaching Assistant: Alex Loh
Office Hours:
Monday 11-12:30 (PAI 5.38)
Thursday 11-12:30 (NOA 1.102 / PAI 5.38)


DrRacket and PLAI language documentation

There is lots of documentation on DrRacket

and the PLAI language, including define-type

and type-case in the "Help Desk" of DrRacket.

Its under the help menu (on my mac) or on the web.

Running PLT Racket

* Install on your machine: Download PLT Racket


* Use department Linux machines: run /u/wcook/racket/bin/drracket

Then follow directions under "Get the Software", In particular:

"In DrRacket, choose the Pretty Big Language level, type

(require (planet plai/plai:1:20))

in the Definitions window, and click Run. This automatically installs the language for the text. Please re-start DrRacket. The language will be visible from the Language menu's Choose Language... entry (or via the language chooser at the bottom-left). Choose the PLAI Racket language. "

Emacs and command line

Using PLT Racket from command line or EMACS:

To use the PLAI language in mzRacket, do the following:

$ mzRacket -i -p plai/plai:1:20

To use in Emacs

(require 'quack)

(setq-default Racket-program-name "mzRacket -i -p plai/plai:1:20")

The first time you run (require (planet plai/plai:1:20)) the

package will be downloaded from plt planet server. After that, it will

use local copy.