Integrating Programming Languages and Databases

CS 395T
Fall 2003

Instructor: William Cook

Location: GEO 2.202
Time: Tuesday-Thursday 9:30am-11am
Course ID: 52783

This seminar will focus on the interaction between databases and programming languages. Given that most large systems involve general-purpose computation as well as a need for robust and safe persistent storage, the problem of building systems that combine the best qualities of modern programming languages and databases is a critical one. We will examine the various approaches to this problem, including persistence in programming languages, object-oriented databases, active databases, and possible new approaches based on XML. We will also discuss and analyze the current state of practice, EJB/.NET persistence/transaction models, and recent proposals like JDO. Students will read, discuss and present papers and complete a project to analyze a DB/PL interface or propose a new approach.


Oct 14: New paper for October 28: Selections from the JDO 1.0 Specification.

Sept 10: New paper for September 18, Implementing Orthogonally Persistent Java. This provides a solution to some of the problems we have identified with orthogonal persistence.

Sept 9: Office hours changed from Thursday to Friday.

Aug 26: Change the prerequisites to remove the requirement for 386 and 386L

Aug 28: Added schedule of papers and updated list of papers