Our Mission

Cultivating a welcoming, supportive enviornment for women in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin

WiCS Programs

Nell Dale Mentor Program

In order to foster a close community among the members of WiCS, the Nell Dale Mentor Program holds a year-round mentorship program for women entering their first year in UTCS.

Lean-In Circles

Lean-In is a program that brings groups of students together beyond an academic setting. Participants are grouped into small, Lean-In Circles that serve as platforms for both open discussion and peer support.

Faculty Lunches

Professors and students dine together at our Faculty Lunches. These mid-day meals are a great opportunity for students to learn more about UTCS professors and their fields of expertise


Makers is dedicated to bringing the hardware side to WiCS in a fun and engaging way. With no experience required, WiCS Makers is an excellent way for students to expand their knowledge base and get hands-on experience working with arduinos among other technologies.

A Special Thanks to our Sponsors

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Helping cultivate a welcoming community for all women in computer science at UT Austin