Women in Computer Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a network community of women in Computer Science.  WiCS's mission is to encourage and support women in computing through outreach, professional development, academic initiatives, and social events.

You can view our bylaws here.

Today, WiCS's goals are to:

  • Academically, professionally, and emotionally support women in computer science by providing resources, opportunities, and guidance
  • Encourage women to join/remain in the fields of computing
  • Support all UT students in Computer Science
  • Support UT's Computer Science Department as a whole
  • Have a positive impact on the Austin community

Current Officers:

President Nada Ismail
Corporate Liaison Vanessa Romero
Academic Chair Bri Connelly
Social Chair Paige Hinkle
Volunteering Chair Cyndia Munoz
Freshmen Initiatives Coordinator Briana Evans
Webmaster Alyssa Sallean

Upcoming Events