Learn about the three mentorship programs that WiCS runs.

Nell Dale Mentorship Program

WiCS' Nell Dale Mentorship program is an opportunity for incoming freshman and transfer students to connect one-on-one with experienced UTCS women! We pair experienced upperclassmen with either a single student or a group of 2-3 students. It's is a great way for incoming women to meet upperclassmen and fellow classmates, receive support, and develop a connection to the department. Mentors are there to provide help with resume reviews, interview prep, exam prep, class selection, and much more! We'll host several fun social events throughout the year for y'all to get to know each other. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Big/Little Sister Industry Mentorship Program

WiCS’ inaugural Corporate Mentorship program, in partnership with UTCS alumni, is a unique opportunity for current and incoming members to establish a “big-little” mentoring relationship with female employees working in the tech industry. We will match accepted students with a mentor who shares similar interests, both technical and non-technical. Incoming female UTCS students will be given more of a support system to navigate what might be their first forays into the corporate world, while upperclassmen will be able to build and expand upon their existing knowledge base.

We plan on having both group events and individual mentoring sessions for participants to learn more about their mentors and each other. We are excited to get to know each and every one of you!

Faculty Lunches

Are you interested in getting to know a professor better? Curious about research, grad school, or a particular topic in CS? WiCS is excited to announce that we're hosting faculty lunches this year! You’ll be paired with a faculty member and have lunch with them three times over the course of the semester. This is a great opportunity to get to know a professor better in a more casual setting. Sign up here to receive more information about the program:

UT Graduate Women in Computing Mentorship Program

This program is an opportunity for undergraduate women who are applying or considering applying to graduate school to connect with female graduate students. We will pair graduate students with two to three undergraduate students based on their interests. Grad student mentors can provide guidance on preparing for graduate school, including getting involved in undergraduate research, and applying to graduate school, whether for a Master’s or a Ph.D. Mentors will meet with their mentees at least once a month.