CS380L: Advanced Operating Systems

Emmett Witchel

Assignment #3 Proposal


The goal of this assignment is to come up with a plan for Assignment 3.

Assignment 3 is a more open-ended assignment, where you have the flexibility to pursue an OS topic or subsystem that interests you. The goal of the first part of this assignment then, is to identify roughly what you will be doing for the rest of the assignment. Unless you have made other arrangements, you should focus on working within the field of Linux device drivers.

You must submit a proposal (~1 page long), which covers:

  • Whether you will create a new driver (based upon a skeleton), or modify an existing driver
  • The functionality you plan to include in the driver
  • Information about how the driver's functionality will be accessed, and
  • A brief plan on how you will be evaluating your driver's performance/functionality
  • There are many resources concerning device drivers (in addition to the actual code/documentation that came with the kernel source). For example, there is a book "Linux Device Drivers" by Rubini & Corbet. (A slightly older 2nd edition is available online at this site.

    I will review your proposal, and can request a revision.