Clarify Benchmark: Foxpro

Class Description

For this benchmark, there is 1 normal class, and 4 error classes. The error classes are described below. An alpha version of Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9 (tm) was used.

  Class description Resulting Behavior
1 Attempting to save a Table to a read-only file Dialog box indicates a "non-fatal" Access Violation has occured, program continues to execute
2 Attempting to save a Form to a file that is open by another program Access Violation, program terminates
3 This synthetic error class induces a bug, to simulate memory corruption. Setting memory location to 0 (the variable is used as a function pointer during screen refresh) Access Violation when screen is being refreshed
4 This synthetic error class induces a bug, to simulate a misbehaving extension. Setting memory location to 1 (the variable is normally 0, and is used as a an optional "hook" function pointer. Access Violation when "bad" hook function pointer is used

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