Clarify Benchmark: GCC

Class Description

For this benchmark, there is 1 normal class, and 4 error classes. The error classes are described below. The cc1 compiler form gcc3.1 was used, and random input files from Linux Kernel sources (*.i) were corrupted using an automated script. For cross-version Clarify scenarios, gcc3.2 was also used.

  Class description Typical Error Message
1 Extra semicolon before body block of if-statement
if (...);
parse error before "else"
2 Mis-spelling C language keywords.
voide foo() { }
Varies, e.g. parse error before X
3 Removing a random semi-colon from source code Varies, e.g. parse error before "}"
4 Removing the closing curly bracket of a switch block parse error at end of input

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