We gratefully acknowledge our funding sponsors.

NSF CCF-1333594 XPS:CLCCA:Collaborative Research:Harnessing Highly Threaded Hardware for Server Workloads

NSF CNS-1228843 TWC: Medium: Collaborative: Trustworthy Programs Without A Trustworthy Operating System

R01 LM011028-01 from the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health. Secure Sharing of Clinical History and Genetic Data: Empowering Predictive Personalized Medicine.

Previous funding

NSF CNS-1017785 CSR: Small: Operating System Abstractions for GPU-Accelerated Interactive Applications

NSF CNS-0905602 TC: Medium: Collaborative Research: Securing Concurrency in Modern Systems

Nvidia Research Award, 2010

Google research award, 2009 (link)

DARPA Computer Science Study panel (phase 1 only)

Sun Microsystems OpenSPARC program

Intel Equipment grant

NSF CNS-0644205 CAREER: Operating System Support For Transactional Memory: Construction and Performance Scalability of Parallel Programs

NSF CNS-0615104 CSR--PDOS: Autonomic Systems: Integrating Machine Learning with Computer Systems

Microsoft Phoenix compiler grant

DARPA Architectures for Cognitive Information Processing