UTCS Alexa Fund Project


This is the homepage for the UTCS Alexa Fund project. This project focuses on developing new conversational dialogue tools and bringing those tools into the hands of students in the classroom.


Recent advances in technology brought yet another digital dimension to our lives: intelligent conversational agents. However, systems tend to favor safe but generic responses such as "I don't know". Our research aims to guide these agents to generate informative, appropriate responses to our inputs.


Wei-Jen Ko


Jessy Li
Greg Durrett
Raymond Mooney


CS378: Natural Language Processing:
This is an upper-division undergraduate natural language processing course covering properties of language (syntax, lexical and distributional semantics, compositional semantics, discourse, morphology) as well as fundamental machine learning concepts needed for NLP (log-linear models, sequence labeling, neural networks). Students will gain hands-on experience building and modifying real-world NLP systems including a text classifier, an information extraction system, a small-scale neural machine translation system, and a conversational dialogue system. Students will apply these models to a variety of domains and gain exposure to the process of data annotation.