About Me


Taken in 2019 at the Dean's Scholars Christmas Party.

Hello! I'm William Zhang, a Computer Science major in the Turing Scholars and Dean's Scholars program at the University of Texas at Austin. In the future, I hope to earn a second major in Biochemistry or Biology. I was born in Irvine, California, but lived in Riverside, California for most of my childhood. I moved to Clear Lake, Texas, when I was around 12 and am now in Austin.

I am passionate about working in academia in the future. I specifically want to work with utilizing computer science to solve biological problems. As such, I enthusiastically seek opportunities that would teach me skills that would be useful in the future. Over the past summers, I've worked in two different laboratories and interned at one tech company. I hope I will be able to participate in more opportunities in the near future.

In my free time, I enjoy watching anime and playing computer games. In fact, it was Minecraft which introduced me into programming. Feel free to ask me if you want to join me in any of these activites.

Other Facts

Me playing the violin

Credit: Richard Zhang. Taken in 2017 before regionals.
  • I played the violin for most of my life. I began when I was roughly five and joined a local youth orchestra when I was in middle school. When I moved to Clear Lake, I joined my high school orchestra and we even made it to nationals at New York (that was a great experience)!
  • My favorite class at the UT was data structures.
  • My favorite activity as a child was playing with Legos. I had thousands of dollars worth of legos.


Classes I Am Taking This Semester

  • Computer Architecture (CS 429H)
  • Linear Algebra (M 341H)
  • Genetics II (BIO 325H)
  • Chemistry II (CH 302H)

Classes I Have Taken in Previous Semesters

  • Data Structires (CS 314H)
  • Discrete Math (CS 311H)
  • Genetics I (BIO 315H)
  • Calculus II (M 408D)

Classes I Plan to Take Next Semester

  • Operating Systems (CS 439H)
  • Probability I (M 362K)
  • Organic Chemistry I (CH 328M)*
  • Organic Chemistry II (CH 328N)*
  • Biochemistry (BCH 339F)