Xinyu Wang

Email: xwang AT cs DOT utexas DOT edu

I am a PhD student at UT Austin, and I am interested in programming languages.
My advisor is Prof. Isil Dillig.


  • 03/2018: A paper accepted to CAV'18.
  • 01/2018: Presented our paper at POPL'18.
  • 12/2017: A paper accepted to VLDB'18.
  • 10/2017: Presented our paper at OOPSLA'17.
  • 09/2017: A paper accepted to POPL'18.
  • 08/2017: A paper accepted to OOPSLA'17.
  • 11/2016: Presented our paper at OOPSLA'16.
  • 08/2016: A paper accepted to OOPSLA'16.
  • 08/2015: End of internship talk at MSR.
  • 08/2015: A paper accepted to OOPSLA'15.
  • 08/2015: A paper accepted to APLAS'15.
  • 05/2015: Started an internship at Microsoft Research, Redmond (Mentors: Rishabh Singh and Sumit Gulwani).
  • 08/2013: Started a PhD in CS@UT Austin.


  • Learning Abstractions for Program Synthesis. [pdf]
    Xinyu Wang, Greg Anderson, Isil Dillig, Ken McMillan
    In CAV, 2018

  • Automated Migration of Hierarchical Data to Relational Tables using Programming-by-Example. [pdf]
    Navid Yaghmazadeh, Xinyu Wang, Isil Dillig
    In VLDB, 2018

  • Program Synthesis using Abstraction Refinement. [pdf] [YouTube]
    Xinyu Wang, Isil Dillig, Rishabh Singh
    In POPL, 2018

  • Synthesis of Data Completion Scripts using Finite Tree Automata. [pdf] [YouTube]
    Xinyu Wang, Isil Dillig, Rishabh Singh
    In OOPSLA, 2017

  • FIDEX: Filtering Spreadsheet Data using Examples. [pdf]
    Xinyu Wang, Sumit Gulwani, Rishabh Singh
    In OOPSLA, 2016

  • EXPLORER : Query- and Demand-Driven Exploration of Interprocedural Control Flow Properties. [pdf]
    Yu Feng, Xinyu Wang, Isil Dillig, Calvin Lin
    In OOPSLA, 2015

  • Bottom-up Context-Sensitive Pointer Analysis for Java. [pdf]
    Yu Feng, Xinyu Wang, Isil Dillig, Thomas Dillig
    In APLAS, 2015