Activity Recognition Data


activity: leave house, eat, use toilet, take shower, brush teeth, go to bed, prepare breakfast, prepare dinner, get snack, get drink, ...
sensor: reed switches to measure whether doors and cupboards are open or closed; pressure mats to measure sitting on a couch or lying in bed; mercury contacts to detect the movement of objects (e.g. drawers); passive infrared (PIR) to detect motion in a specific area; float sensors to measure the toilet being flushed
activity: cooking brownies, pizza, sandwich, salad, and scrambled eggs
sensor: video, audio, motion capture, internal measurement unit, wearable devices
activity: walking, jogging, stairs, sitting, standing, lying
sensor: accelerometer
activity: Open/close the fridge/dishwasher/drawer/door/, toggle the lights, clean the table, drink while standing/seated, prepare coffee/sandwich, relax, ...
sensor: Body-worn sensors (acceleration, rate of turn, magnetic field, and orientation), object sensors (acceleration and rate of turn), and ambient sensors (switches and acceleration sensors in drawers, kitchen appliances, and doors)
activity: preparing dinner/lunch/breakfast/snack/beverage, listerning to music, taking medication, toileting, washing dishes, watching TV, bathing, going out to work, dressing, grooming, doing laundry, cleaning
sensor: reed switch sensors to record opening-closing and activation deactivation events on ~80 objects
activity: Make a phone call, wash hands, cook, eat, clean
sensor: motion sensors, item sensors, medicine container sensor, pot sensor, phone book sensor, cabinet sensor, water sensor, burner sensor
activity: drink, eat, read book, call cellphone, write on a paper, use laptop, use vacuum cleaner, cheer up, sit still, toss paper, play game, lie down on sofa, walk, play guitar, stand up, sit down
sensor: Kinect device (depth maps, skeleton joint positions, and RGB video)
and more ...