Collaborative Localization

Collaborative Localization

Sept. 2004 ~ Oct. 2006

Ubicomp Lab, National Taiwan University

Advisor: Prof. Hao-hau Chu


While research on Wi-Fi indoor localization has demonstrated adequate performance, localization error increases significantly in crowded and dynamic situations due to electromagnetic interferences. This work proposes collaborative localization as an approach to enhance position estimation by leveraging more accurate location information from nearby neighbors within the same cluster and the results have shown 23.4-56.4% accuracy improvement over the well-known system.


Li-Wei Chan, Ji-Rung Chiang, Yi-Chao Chen, Chia-nan Ke, Jane Yung-jen Hsu, Hao-Hua Chu: Collaborative Localization: Enhancing WiFi-Based Position Estimation with Neighborhood Links in Clusters. Pervasive 2006: 50-66