Frequency Diversity

Jan. 2011 ~ Sep. 2011

The University of Texas at Austin

Advisor: Prof. Lili Qiu


Wireless multicarrier communication transmits data by spreading them over multiple subcarriers and is widely used today owing to its robustness to multipath fading, high spectrum efficiency, and ease of implementation. We use real measurements to show there is significant frequency diversity in WiFi channels, and propose a series of techniques to explicitly harness such frequency diversity. In particular, we leverage the channel state information (CSI), which captures the SNR on each subcarrier, (i) to map symbols to subcarriers according to their importance, (ii) to effectively recover partially corrupted FEC groups and facilitate FEC decoding, and (iii) to develop MAC-layer FEC to offer different degrees of protection to the symbols according to their error rate at the PHY layer.


Apurv Bhartia, Yi-Chao Chen, Swati Rallapalli, and Lili Qiu: Harnessing Frequency Diversity in Multicarrier Wireless Networks. MobiCom 2011