Yushan Net


Mar. 2008 ~ July 2009

Network Research Lab, Academia Sinica

Advisor: Prof. Ling-Jyh Chen, Prof. Polly Huang

Project Website:


The objective of this project is to establish a reliable and comprehensive system that can effectively monitor the environment and assist the tracking of tourists in Yushan National Park. As full wireless coverage is impossible to maintain in wilderness environments, network communication in the proposed system will be inevitably intermittent, and therefore the development of this observation system will be very challenging. The focus of YushanNet is to conquer this issue using delay/disruption tolerant techniques. In this way, tourist information can be aggregated effectively during the time when the network is working most efficiently.


Jyh-How Huang, Ying-Yu Chen, Yu-Te Huang, Po-Yen Lin, Yi-Chao Chen, Yi-Fu Lin, Shih-Ching Yen, Polly Huang, Ling-Jyh Chen: Rapid Prototyping for Wildlife and Ecological Monitoring. IEEE Systems Journal 4(2): 198-209 (2010)

Yu-Te Huang, Yi-Chao Chen, Jyh-How Huang, Ling-Jyh Chen, Polly Huang: YushanNet: A Delay-Tolerant Wireless Sensor Network for Hiker Tracking in Yushan National Park. Mobile Data Management 2009: 379-380