Robot and Science Fiction

Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series made me a fan of robot. Here are some of my favorite ideas from robotic SF.
• Robots could drive and manage traffic for more efficient transportation. Autonomous driving might be a solution for cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and fast-growing Austin.
• Robot could rescue people after nature disasters. A team of specialized robots, including scouts, medics, heavy lifts, signalmen, etc.
• Robot could help improve our living enviornment. Human volunteers have made tremendous effort on forestry. Teams of robots could be much more efficient, especially for critical areas like Amazonia, Sahara, or Yellow River of China.
• Most important of all, robots could help humans in expanding frontiers: the ocean, and even the outer space. I hope in next generation of space program, robot will join astronaunts on their missions.

My wife Edith and I are both crazy for dogs, we both volunteer for local Humane Soceity (Memphis).
Here are photos of our puppy Twinkle, she is a longhaired mini dachshund.


I love to play soccer. I am a fan of Arsenal FC, because of the Dutch player Dennis Bergkamp. Now I usually watch games of Japanese national team, and I hope one day soccer will be as popular in China as in Japan, and an Asian team could win a WorldCup Championship. I play basketball as well, but I am still not good at it even I tried hard :(. I am a fan of Steve Nash and Phoenix Suns. I also like swimming, volleyball, ping-pong, and foosball.

I am from Chengdu, Sichuan, a town of delicious and cheap food. I learn cooking from my family members, one of my research challenges is to cook these dishes in US.