Department Office
2317 Speedway, 2.302
Austin, Texas 78712
 (512) 471-7316
  (512) 471-8885 

Office of the Department Chair
Professor Don Fussell
2317 Speedway, 2.308
Austin, Texas 78712
 (512) 471-9590
  (512) 471-9500

Shipping Address (for USPS and UPS, etc):
Department of Computer Science
The University of Texas at Austin
2317 Speedway, 2.302
Austin, Texas 78712
Internal Mail Code: D9500


Brent Winkelman:
Curriculum, student organizations, scholarships, fellowships, outreach, student recruitment and retention

Undergraduate Office
2317 Speedway, 2.702
Austin, Texas 78712
 (512) 471-9509
 (512) 471-8885

CS On-Campus Graduate Office

CS Online Master’s Office

College of Natural Sciences Career Design Center

Job postings, career fairs, interview rooms

Office of External Affairs


Events and Talks:

Brent Winkelman: 512-471-9793
Chief of Staff

Katie Banks: 512-232-7476
Associate Director for External Affairs 

Staci Norman: 512-471-9753
Marketing, communications, and creative services

Lainey Corliss: 512-232-7409
Assistant Director for Corporate Relations

GDC Room Reservations

If you have any questions about reserving a room in GDC, please contact

Software problems and other questions
The UTCS Help Request system receives all software, hardware, and facilities issues, as well as general questions. Sending an email to this alias will open a help request ticket, also called a helpreq, which will reach the entire tech and facilities support staff. You can also open a ticket through the web. This system replaces several retired aliases such as shopreq, udb, operator, and webmaster.
Contact the UTCS tech staff about an abuse-related issue (such as DDoS attacks from our IP range).