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Ending on a Happy Note

I want to end the semester by talking about a few of the cool things that I've been involved with this semester. The semester has been hectic, for sure, but the end of the semester isn't just hard because of exams and final projects. With the end of each semester comes a temporary halt to the activities that I've been pouring all of my time into. I have to say goodbye to the people who have made college enjoyable and enriching, and sometimes, that goodbye is permanent.

It Gets Better (Part 2)

I tried blaming UT, since it was easier than blaming myself, but it was too hard to with all these peppy students clad in burnt orange jumpsuits, whose first word was "Bevo" and still Hook 'em'd in pictures a decade after graduating. Their natural happiness evinced the perfection of my situation, and so, I felt increasingly personally responsible for this loneliness.

Final Lessons & Thoughts

Thoughts on Last Blog Post

It feels weird to consider this my last blog post for the semester, if not for the rest of my college career. Unfortunately, I will not be a blogger for the following year due to many circumstances, and though it is abrupt and sad, I do not consider it as a bad thing. Rather, I'd like to consider it an opportunity to share one last constructed ramble of life lessons and expressive reflection before I head off to whatever the future has in store. I hope you enjoy.


It Gets Better (Part 1)

The first word someone said to me in Austin was "howdy". He was a mustached man in a white dress shirt tucked into Wranglers and a cowboy hat with matching boots. I like to imagine he was chewing a piece of straw or a toothpick, his horse parked outside, spittoon hidden in his carry-on.

Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Do you ever wonder where a rabbit hole leads? The entrance is this small gaping hole that leads on a seemingly endless trail that has no end. There is also a phrase that is associated with it, called 'Going Down the Rabbit Hole'. In reference to "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland", the main character Alice curiously chases after a well-dressed rabbit with a giant watch into a rabbit hole in order to appease her curiosity, leading to a series of adventures that are described in the book.

BIG DATA Journaling

The title is clickbait sorry.

Official Semester Power Rankings

I love asking friends what their favorite semester has been and why. It reveals a lot about what they value and what influences their emotions. Most people reciprocate the question, and so I want to be prepared with the best possible answer, utilizing the the journal I've kept for the last 4ish years.

Exercise it Out

Exercise is one of the most important things to incorporate into a lifestyle. After experiencing all-nighters in the GDC, eating snacks and sitting hunchbacked in front of a computer (creds to 439 and Graphics), I realized that my physical health was important to sustain in order to succeed in other areas in my life.

Theater and Computer Science

As some of you know, I do theater in my free time. This semester, I was an actor in a production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, and we performed two weekends ago. Theater and computer science are completely different in how they work, but both disciplines can learn something from each other. I've always stood at the intersection of the two, struggling to mold myself to fit the wildly different criteria required for each. I've always focused on how my two loves are different and how participating in both gives me a varied skill set and a different set of experiences.


Most of my good friends know I have some type of fractional-life crisis on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. The crises range from the standard: is my major right for me, to the more extreme: is college even the right path for me, would I be happier opening a bagel stand in the Pacific Northwest, or maybe shaving my head, selling my possessions, and moving to the Himalayas to become one with the universe.


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