02/06/2018 - Slowly, as the semesters go by, most of the required courses I need to take as a CS Major gets checked off the list. With this, much of my schedule has become more freeing, allowing me to pick and choose classes rather than be "forced" into the regular intro courses. Read more
01/30/2015 - I’d like the start this semester with a clarification. In one of my last articles, I explained the importance of choosing a schedule wisely to set up your future success. I still believe that this is important, but with the start of a new and not-yet-stressful semester, I’m thinking a little bit differently. There’s a lot of really amazing stuff out there, and without taking advantage of it, I can imaging that you might end up with some regrets in the future. Read more
09/30/2014 - Next semester, I’m taking two government classes. Specifically, I’m taking Decision Theory and the United States Congress (GOV 341M and 370L, if you’re interested). The first one is plausibly related to my major—especially the math side of what I do—but at least at first glance, the second one has no relation whatsoever to what I do. Actually, at second glance, and third glance, it still has nothing to do with computer science or math. Which is, despite popular opinion, not actually a bad thing. Read more
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