02/23/2017 - One way to look at life is as a series of choices: good ones, bad ones, ambiguous ones, stupid ones. I’ve made tons of terrible ones (including the one to eat an obscene amount of jalapeno-flavored potato chips last night) but also smart ones. One of my smartest, bestest choices was to choose to major in computer science at the University of Texas at Austin. If you haven’t guessed it, today is the day I sing praises and wax poetic about UTCS. You should have seen it coming because as a graduating senior I am experiencing all kinds of extra-potent school pride and pre-nostalgia. Read more
10/22/2014 - Campus is beautiful this time of year. Take an evening stroll (which I am sure many of you do as students working on projects late into the night) and you'll notice not just the beauty of the campus architecture but the living history that exists on our great campus. Read more
10/14/2014 - There’s a company that I’ve really, really wanted to work at for the past year now, and yesterday they called me and told me that they weren’t going to hire me for the summer. This is after they invited me to come tour their company last spring, which caused me to fall behind significantly in my schoolwork. This is after last year they kept telling me “maybe” they would hire me until it became summer and the interns they did hire had already started. This is after countless friends of computer science events, emails sent back and forth, and hours spent studying data structures. Read more
09/21/2014 - A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of conversing with a UT alumna of the School of Pharmacy (class of '65) at the Quacks Bakery on Duval and 43rd street one evening. A very pleasant figure, she saw that my friends and I were UT students and talked for an hour and half about the "good ole' days of UT.  Despite her admiration for the ambitions and drive of the current UT student population, she did have a few critiques on how campus has changed. Along with stern opinions on today's fashion, she also felt that the current UT student population had lost its sense of one another. Read more
02/03/2014 - “28 + 7? Let’s see, 29, 30, 31…” Read more
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