02/26/2018 - Two weeks ago, I talked about how it's ok to not know what you have in store in the future. That uncertainty is part of life, and rather than worrying about the future, it's better to take action and discover what there is when you can At least, that's my course of action. Read more
04/22/2017 - As the semester progresses and classes are really getting to the heart of their respective subjects, I've noticed that two of my classes especially have quite strong parallels. The two in question are Data Structures and my political philosophy class, and the more I think about it, the more I see the similarities in them. There is a certain duality to philosophy that mirrors that reminds me of the binary aspects of computer science. They both have an innate sense of balance within them, a sort of "zen" if you will. Read more
04/14/2017 - Hello dear reader! As the semester comes to an end, many of you may be looking eagerly towards summer vacation. Perhaps you have an internship lined up or are involved in research for the upcoming months. But even if you don't have a specifically structured plan, there are still many ways to be immersed in computer science on your time. Read more
04/06/2017 - Hello dear reader! With midterms week just around the corner and projects piling up, I think everyone is feeling pretty frenzied. And with that, I've been thinking a lot about what exactly it is that computer scientists do, and I think I may have figured it out. We fail. It's true! I don't know if anyone has ever written even a marginally complicated program without the compiler finding something wrong with it. CS is all about finding your errors, fixing them, and then getting twenty new errors for your trouble. Read more
02/23/2017 - One way to look at life is as a series of choices: good ones, bad ones, ambiguous ones, stupid ones. I’ve made tons of terrible ones (including the one to eat an obscene amount of jalapeno-flavored potato chips last night) but also smart ones. One of my smartest, bestest choices was to choose to major in computer science at the University of Texas at Austin. If you haven’t guessed it, today is the day I sing praises and wax poetic about UTCS. You should have seen it coming because as a graduating senior I am experiencing all kinds of extra-potent school pride and pre-nostalgia. Read more
01/29/2017 - Greetings y'all! Hope you've all settled comfortably into the school grind. I haven't completely, but I have come to enjoy the classes I'm taking a lot. Taking 2 CS classes (Algorithms and Software Engineering) is a little less coursework than last semester, but I've come to enjoy them along with the other Non-CS classes I'm taking. Read more
11/15/2016 - Hello dear reader! So, in light of recent political events, I guess I've been thinking a lot about our government, and specifically where we as computer scientists fit into it. In this age of ubiquitous technology, computer scientists should be in all areas and fields of study in society, because the expertise, experience, and perspective we would lend to any topic would be a unique and valuable one. However, the fact of the matter is, there is an extreme dearth of computer scientists in government, which is frankly, a tragic oversight. Read more
11/08/2016 - The other day I was browsing (read: procrastinating) around and reading about what's new in the tech world when I happened to come across something that made me absolutely giddy. First of all, some background info: I am a computer science major pursuing a certificate in environment and sustainability. Yes I know, the two are kind of completely unrelated but I was always something of a hippie so what was I to do? And until I saw this article, I did not have even an inkling of an idea of how I was going to combine these two fields, or even if I could at all. Read more
11/01/2016 - Hello, dear readers! This week's blog is going to be all about the UTCS 50th Anniversary Celebration that took place last Friday, an event which I sincerely hope all of you got to witness, but if not, never fear, for I hope you can live vicariously through these words. Read more
10/10/2016 - This past weekend, I participated in a Hackathon, and it was quite possibly the most fun event I have ever been a part of.  It was my first Hackathon and since I am pretty new to computer science in general, I was very nervous that I would have no idea what I was doing, and worse, drag my team down. But when I got there, I was pleasantly surprised to find that really no one knew what they were doing. I mean, some knew more than others of course, but at the end of the day we were all crying over a login button for four hours together.  Read more


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