02/12/2018 - I remember when I started my freshman year, I honestly wasn't too sure about what it meant to have a CS degree. All my exposure to Computer Science had been those times trying to build websites, make computer games, move robots, and participate in programming competitions. In fact, I never knew there was a major called "CS". I had always assumed that when I went to college, I would need to get a coding or Software Engineer Major. Never would I have expected that there would be something called "Computer Science". How is computer even a science? Read more
02/06/2018 - Slowly, as the semesters go by, most of the required courses I need to take as a CS Major gets checked off the list. With this, much of my schedule has become more freeing, allowing me to pick and choose classes rather than be "forced" into the regular intro courses. Read more
04/06/2017 - Hello dear reader! With midterms week just around the corner and projects piling up, I think everyone is feeling pretty frenzied. And with that, I've been thinking a lot about what exactly it is that computer scientists do, and I think I may have figured it out. We fail. It's true! I don't know if anyone has ever written even a marginally complicated program without the compiler finding something wrong with it. CS is all about finding your errors, fixing them, and then getting twenty new errors for your trouble. Read more
04/21/2016 - Registration season is upon us! It’s one of my favorite parts of the semester. Pouring over the course schedule and meticulously fashioning the perfect arrangement of classes (and 10 alternates) is just so deeply satisfying. Read more
09/09/2014 - My roommate and I have a tradition. We’re both computer science and math double majors, and we like to convert everyone we see who displays even the slightest interest in either of those fields to our path. Usually, this means finding engineers who enjoy solving the kinds of problems given at UIL competitions, or biologists who display a knack for linear algebra, and so on. Read more
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