12/08/2016 - Exactly one hundred long, grueling days and my semester is finally over. I celebrated by going ice skating with my friends; within five minutes my feet started throbbing. I wobble-slid around as tiny humans, half my size, dashed by at light speed and occasionally performed spins and jumps. And afterwards I had the world’s sourest cup of limeade at a café. #superfun. Clearly good choices were made by all. Read more
11/15/2016 - Several months ago, I went to a hackathon in Georgia and my team worked on an Android application game called Hungry Cats. We had a great concept, cool graphics, and amazing programmers at hand, but the one thing we didn't have was code with documentation. What is documentation? Documentation is any sort of comment within your codebase that gives anyone who reads it a brief description of your methods, classes, and implementations and how to use them. These comments should be explained as simply as possible. Read more
09/24/2015 - This week, I’ve decided to be adventurous and adopt the nomadic lifestyle. The nomad is a member of a people or tribe (read: tribe CS major) that has no permanent abode (read: I only go back to my apartment to shower and nap) but moves about from place to place (read: company events), usually seasonally (read: around career fair time) and often following a traditional route or circuit according to the state of pasturage or food supply (read: free pizza and Tiffs Treats). Read more
09/10/2015 - I am in the sad business of NOT being a tea-drinker or a coffee-drinker. So you can see my problem: As my already exorbitant workload forces me into becoming a nocturnal creature, I have nowhere to turn, to keep me up at night. Yes, it’s only been a few weeks since the semester has started, but my initial energetic, squirrel-like excitement has been reduced to the excitement of squirrel droppings. I’ve already had multiple urges to abandon all pretense of a healthy lifestyle and consume large quantities of chocolate cake while binge watching Netflix. It’s a sad state of mind.   Read more
04/20/2014 - Like most of the freshmen in their first few weeks of classes at UT, I decided that going to the career fair to scramble to get an internship was a good idea. Obviously, the earlier I could start panicking about the future, the better. I didn’t get hired by Google or Facebook right then and there, but whatever. There was still time for the summer to work itself out. In March, I went to San Diego for a conference that I was invited to by one of the recruiters I’d met this year called Qualcomm Women’s Collegiate Conference. Read more
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