09/11/2017 - With career fair rolling around, it's tempting to take whatever offer comes in your direction, especially if you feel unqualified. I know when I was a freshman, I was desperate for any attention that companies would give me, so I didn't stop to think about which companies I was interviewing for. However, it's important to remember that you will be working at the company of your choice for a long amount of time. You don't want to just chase the money when making your choice. Read more
02/21/2017 - Hello dear reader! As this semester's career fair has come and gone, I hope you all had a great and successful experience. For my part, even though it was only my second career fair, I thought my confidence and comfort levels were exponentially higher at last week's fair than they were at last semester's. Read more
09/26/2016 - Congratulations survivors! We have weathered the storm and come out the other side reasonably whole! When I walked into the Frank Erwin Center, I was definitely a bit overwhelmed. Over 200 companies were tabling, the thought of which made me a bit dizzy. And with both companies and students trying to woo the other, I couldn't help but think all this was a bit like some extravagant courting ritual. And I'm really bad at flirting. Read more
09/16/2016 - T-4 days until career fair! *Nervous giggle* While you can start applying to internships and fulltime positions in the summer, for me it’s fall career fair that officially signifies the opening of the flood gates to interview season.   Read more
09/23/2014 - A few weeks ago, you might have noticed the shiny new plaques in the GDC, with a bunch of companies on one and a bunch of endowed scholarships on the other. This is, as any curious observer might tell you, courtesy of the Friends of Computer Science program. The companies, listed on one side, pay an annual sponsorship to be a part of FoCS. Read more
09/15/2014 - One of the first things most people hear about working for Google is that they have free, gourmet sushi every day for their employees. They also have a free laundry service, free massages, free shuttles to work from San Francisco (with WiFi), and free nap rooms. Read more
03/19/2014 - T minus 55 days and counting...until the the summer break begins. Of course as members of the UTCS community we actually have finals and hence I have included those days for your convenience. Read more
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