02/09/2017 - Midlife Crisis: a period of emotional turmoil in middle age characterized especially by a strong desire for change. Except for the part about “middle age,” I feel like I’ve been going through several of those a month ever since middle school. “Emotional turmoil” is basically my middle name (seriously, just check my birth certificate.) But even though I haven’t had a “real” midlife crisis (fingers-crossed I never do), I would say I’ve definitely had a couple mid-college-life crisis. I had my first one right before I switched my major from chemistry to computer science. Read more
09/16/2016 - T-4 days until career fair! *Nervous giggle* While you can start applying to internships and fulltime positions in the summer, for me it’s fall career fair that officially signifies the opening of the flood gates to interview season.   Read more
09/14/2015 - A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft had a lunch for Turing Scholars in the GDC. It was an interesting experience — pretty standard as far as lunches go, with free pizza predictably running out in 20 minutes, a couple of tables with different conversations clustered around a visiting engineer or recruiter, and of course, the perennial problem: no one-on-one time available to talk to the recruiter. Read more
10/07/2014 - Let’s say you went to the career fair.   Read more
09/23/2014 - A few weeks ago, you might have noticed the shiny new plaques in the GDC, with a bunch of companies on one and a bunch of endowed scholarships on the other. This is, as any curious observer might tell you, courtesy of the Friends of Computer Science program. The companies, listed on one side, pay an annual sponsorship to be a part of FoCS. Read more
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