04/23/2018 - Do you ever wonder where a rabbit hole leads? The entrance is this small gaping hole that leads on a seemingly endless trail that has no end. There is also a phrase that is associated with it, called 'Going Down the Rabbit Hole'. In reference to "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland", the main character Alice curiously chases after a well-dressed rabbit with a giant watch into a rabbit hole in order to appease her curiosity, leading to a series of adventures that are described in the book. Read more
09/17/2017 - These past few days have been quite the recruiting experience. Usually, whenever I think about recruiting, my mind does a double take because of the mixed feelings I have about the whole process - spending days upon days perfecting a resume, reading and writing dozens of emails to various companies, and receiving the sad but real amount of rejections post first-round interview all the way till final interview. Basically, a roller coaster of emotions (definitely a lot of good times though). Read more
10/31/2014 - A few days ago, I had a real analysis midterm. Objectively, that’s not too bad of a statement. Midterms happen, and the point of the class is to prepare you for the test. The problem was that I hadn’t really been going to class for the last few weeks, because I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open in that class without opening my laptop. I figured it was pretty rude to the professor to sleep in his class or to work on other things, so I decided to use the hour and a half to teach myself the sections we were covering from the book. Read more
01/16/2014 - Read more
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