12/06/2016 - Hello dear readers! Hope this week finds you well! So, with finals week finally upon us, I decided to compile a list of study tips that have helped me through the years and why they do so. Enjoy! 1) Switch out what subjects you're studying  Read more
12/06/2016 - Greetings y'all! Another semester of college is finally almost over. With the last class day passing over, we'll be going into some dead days before officially entering the finals week. For some, you're already free and just about to head off to your winter break, but for others, you're going to have to go through some final "bosses" before you can relax. With those "bosses" can come a lot of stress... so I'm going to give you some tips that I've found helpful over the years to reduce stress and help you do your best on your exams! Read more
11/27/2016 - Hello dear readers! I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving break! My own was very fun, but studying and homework still crept in at the edges, as it does. However, I did notice a very interesting and cool thing that happened when I was actually working this past week. Read more
10/31/2014 - A few days ago, I had a real analysis midterm. Objectively, that’s not too bad of a statement. Midterms happen, and the point of the class is to prepare you for the test. The problem was that I hadn’t really been going to class for the last few weeks, because I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open in that class without opening my laptop. I figured it was pretty rude to the professor to sleep in his class or to work on other things, so I decided to use the hour and a half to teach myself the sections we were covering from the book. Read more
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