01/29/2017 - Greetings y'all! Hope you've all settled comfortably into the school grind. I haven't completely, but I have come to enjoy the classes I'm taking a lot. Taking 2 CS classes (Algorithms and Software Engineering) is a little less coursework than last semester, but I've come to enjoy them along with the other Non-CS classes I'm taking. Read more
11/12/2015 - I’m not a certified doctor, but I’m pretty sure I got glasses from reading too much (I’m also pretty sure I almost burned down my childhood home from reading too much - but that’s a different story). Third grade was the year I got glasses (I spent hours in the store on a personal quest trying to find the most Harry-Potter-like glasses), and that was also the year I started reading novels way past my bed time by the dim light of my desk lamp. Read more
11/09/2015 - Last week, I wrote an article called “Get Back Up”. You can read it here. Later that week, I learned that the post had received an absurd view count. Most of our articles get anywhere from 50 to 300 views in a week; this one received close to 4,500. Read more
02/19/2014 - (This is a little late, and I apologize. I’m going to try to have a weekly post on Tuesdays.)   Read more
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