Out of My Field

Greetings y'all! Hope you've all settled comfortably into the school grind. I haven't completely, but I have come to enjoy the classes I'm taking a lot. Taking 2 CS classes (Algorithms and Software Engineering) is a little less coursework than last semester, but I've come to enjoy them along with the other Non-CS classes I'm taking.

New Season, New Me

Greetings y'all! Hope you've all had a restful Winter Break. I, myself, made sure to mentally rejuvenate after taking 2 of the most programming-intensive courses at UT. Even though I learned many fundamental concepts in programming (paired programming, debugging, and time management), I still felt immense relief from being freed from the bondage of 60-hour work weeks and late night computer lab sessions all the way till "who knows when".

Stress-Free or Free-Stress?

Greetings y'all! Another semester of college is finally almost over. With the last class day passing over, we'll be going into some dead days before officially entering the finals week. For some, you're already free and just about to head off to your winter break, but for others, you're going to have to go through some final "bosses" before you can relax. With those "bosses" can come a lot of stress... so I'm going to give you some tips that I've found helpful over the years to reduce stress and help you do your best on your exams!

The Perfect Language

Trying to find the perfect language? Looks like you came to the right place! Through calculated questions and experience telling, I'm going to try to help you understand more of the use cases of different languages, hopefully helping you find your perfect language. Let's get started.

3 reasons Why Python > Java

Python vs. Java graph

This past weekend, I went to a hackathon called Indigitous #Hack and I got to code up a project purely in Python. (you can check it out here). This was one of the first times that I actually got to develop a complete project in Python rather than writing mini-scripts, and it was amazing to engage and see what Python could do.

Hackathon Craze

What is it about hackathons that makes them so popular? Why would you spend 24-48 hours of your weekend with no sleep, living off of weak caffeine, staying inside when you could be doing active outdoorsy things, catch up on sleep, or study?


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