You are not a number!

I don't know much about computer science, at least, certainly not as much as the people who tell me all about their actual, paying jobs they hold building websites for clients or the myriad of hackathons they've participated in (and good on them).

But also, good on the people who have never written a line of code in their lives and have decided to pursue a major in the field. Because that's brave, and we need more of those people at our college, and in the world. We need brand new perspectives and brand new approaches to real world problems.

With the prospect of Career Fair looming over us like a great and ominous cloud, I know many people, especially novice freshman or new transfers into CS, are terrified at the prospect of not getting an internship first thing out of freshman year, of wasting away over the summer while others gain experience at Google. 

So to the newbies, I say: It's okay. Sure, we may not have coded since before we could talk, but we have the passion and drive to pursue something completely new to us, and ultimately, that is just as, if not more, important.

Don't compare yourself to others with a resume full of personal projects, because it's what you do starting now that matters. It's okay if you don't get an internship this summer, because you can use that time to improve yourself. To work on some of your own personal projects or attend competitions and hackathons or just learn a new language. 

So persevere. Maybe you don't get an internship this summer, but that's not the end of the world, I promise. You have time, and it matters far more what you do with that time to improve yourself than the time spent comparing yourself to your peers.


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