The other day I was browsing (read: procrastinating) around and reading about what's new in the tech world when I happened to come across something that made me absolutely giddy.

First of all, some background info: I am a computer science major pursuing a certificate in environment and sustainability. Yes I know, the two are kind of completely unrelated but I was always something of a hippie so what was I to do? And until I saw this article, I did not have even an inkling of an idea of how I was going to combine these two fields, or even if I could at all.

So, back to what I was, and still am, squealing over: FarmBot, the first ever open source farming robot!!! 

This machine is designed for growing food extremely efficiently, which if put in use by a large population, would make food production so much more sustainable. Using FarmBot, you have the power to grow whatever food you want, and however much you want, while the bot takes care of all the logistics, like efficient and effective watering of your plants based on the plants' type, age, soil and weather conditions, and more. If more and more people subscribe to the principles of subsistence farming at least a little bit more, the benefits to the environment with the reduction of agribusiness would be endless!! Plus, the code for this bot is 100% open source and the parts to build it are 3D printable!

Ok, enough of me nerding out about plants. The point I was trying to make is that computer science goes exceptionally well with literally any other field, a thrilling phenomena of the developing technological era. It is beautifully interdisciplinary and willing to be adapted and molded into any other field you could possibly think of. 

If anyone out there, current CS student or prospective, is hesitant about not being able to go into a field that might not be computer science related, think again, because I promise you it is computer science related. Computer science is the field to be in right now because of the fact that it can be applied to anything and everything, and honestly, the knowledge that I can combine plants and computer science together is what makes me so excited to be a computer scientist.


This is really cool!

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