"Its the most wonderful time of the year..."

With classes closing and everyone telling you be of good cheer, it may be not Christmas in July, or April for that mattter.  Yet, many would agree that there might as well be a holiday for registration at UT.

As everyone has registered and is looking toward dead days and  finals, many of us may still have questions over the registration period and how we can still change our course selection before next semester. 

With the explosive growth that our department has experienced in recent years, registration for many students can be a stressful experience. The department is still adding faculty to catch up with the demand of the rising student population, and students are seeing many of their preferred course options fill more quickly than they once did.

There were several changes to registration this year that gave students a different feel and perhaps experience with registration. With last semester's craze of town hall meetings and stir on the CS student Facebook page, this semester's registration period came with a number of changes.

I had the opportunity to speak with Rob Poynor, CS Senior Academic Advisor, over this year's registration period. With the assurance of "more seats in courses on the whole" and the benefit of the new registaration scheduling, Poynor noted that advisors will be in a better position to meet student needs. Poynor also stressed that in the event that a student does not initiatially receive the courses they want they should "register for courses they can get" and to "see an advisor after registration" to work through any problems that remain.  


As I have had my ups and downs through registration, it can be a time of frustration. However through my own experiences, I've found that a class that you had no intention to take can become a subject and a life event that can capture your attention, cultivate your mind, and open your outlook during your time at the university. Even in registration, when a door closes there's always an open window.  

Hence, 'tis the season to be jolly' indeed. As we close a spring semester and look toward the excitement of the summer and fall, it is important to keep calm and register on.

Best of luck on finals Everyone!

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