Programming is a language! I realize I may be late to this party, but I've only recently had this epiphany of just how true the phrase "programming language" is and I see now how much coding is just like being proficient in any other language. 

You must be clear and concise, using proper notations and conventions for the code to be legible and the content to be comprehensible to other people. It is strongly recommended that you plan the flow of your program out with an outline rather than diving straight into coding, and that you plan the flow of your program in such a way that the introduction of concepts is best for human understanding. You should be as brief and direct as possible, getting your point across in as few keystrokes as able. You need to comb through your code over and over to remove any repetitions or redundancies, just as you would on an English essay.

Writing code isn't just about getting the computer to do what you want, it's more about getting people to understand what you're getting the computer to do and how you are doing so.

So for an English and overall language nerd like me, this is a thrilling revelation. I used to be a not-so-great writer, and (I hope) I've gotten better through practice, which gives me hope for my current not-so-great coder self.

You have to practice writing code to get good at it, and like your English teachers have always drilled into you, the only way to be a better writer is to write voraciously. And so on that note, I'm going to go write some code. Practice-it, here I come!

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