There are plenty of definitions of noise in our modern day. Meriam Webster dictionary defines noise as "a loud and unplesant sound" and as "irrelevant or meaningless data or output occuring along desired information." While PC magazine defines noise as "Extraneous, unwanted signals that invade an electrical or optical system." In general, noise can be some trivial unwanted interference.

After the hustle and bustle of a busy Tuesday afternoon full of classes, the concept of noise hit me. As my one of my professors was rounding the precious 15-minute threshold between classes, my fellow classmates started to pack their bags, carry side conversations, and exit the room. The professor was still lecturing...but there was all this noise. Although the lecture material is an important and integral part of the classroom experience what stuck out to me was that my fellow longhorns (not to mention CS students) had failed to grasp an integral part of education—respect.

Now, I am not trying to pull an Aretha Franklin nor a Rodney Dangerfield, I am conveying the importance of respect for oneself and those around them.  It is easy to get lost in the scheme of daily college life and forget why we are here. As a student I understand how valuable those 10-15 minutes are to get to your next class. With the whimsical Texas weather, crowds of people, and not to mention the vast size of our great university those minutes can mean a difference in missing a quiz or getting a quick web surfing break before your next class. Yet when in doubt or a hurry ask yourself, are you getting the value for what you're putting in at this university?

Cheesy Grade School Respect Poster

It's easy to get involved in the daily routine of life. I occasionally will have that bad or tiring day and my mind will float away from the lecture hall. My head will fill with memories and dreams of good experiences, trips, and the impressionable people in my life. Or in anxiety to get a good seat in the next class, I will pack my bag before the lecture is done to get a head start. However, in doing so, a ripple effect occurs. I have not only lost the respect for my education, but I have also lost the respect for the professor who is putting their time and effort toward the betterment of my life.

So if you're concerned about stampeding to your next class like BEVO (well maybe he's not the best example), take action and talk to your professors and see how you can arrange your schedule. I promise you if you "take a step back" and understand that you are here for so much more than just what happens the next few minutes, you will come to love every second of your college experience and see every moment as a time to learn, a challenge, or a new adventure. Hence, maintain respect for what you want out of college and avoid causing so much "noise."

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