01/29/2018 - Have you ever been in a moment where you've had so many events, exams, and assignments all packed together that you don't even get a chance to breathe, rest, or think? That's what happened last semester for me. Running this way and that, I was always on a nonstop pace in order to go to meetings at the Panda Express Union, or participate at an entrepreneurial event downtown, or hole up in the Incubator to finish some Graphics project - to preoccupy my mind and always busy myself. Read more
10/17/2017 - As some of you may know, I have this burning passion for hackathons. Many have wondered why hackathons are something I enjoy talking so much about. Nothing other than my faith gets me more excited than talking about the opportunities that hackathons can provide for others. Read more
02/25/2016 - ​Uggghhh. Why do they have to charge extra for guac? OMG. This elevator is taking so long! Stupid elevator algorithm. I hate this Texas weather. My TA sucks at grading; I can’t believe they get paid for this. Read more

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