03/28/2018 - As an interviewee candidate, whenever I walk into an interview, there are a lot of thoughts on my mind. How should I portray myself? What questions will the person ask? Is my tie on right? Will I enter the next steps? If I'm well prepared, I can confidently go through an interview without much problem. If I'm a bit tense, it takes a bit of time before I ease myself through the interview. If I'm a mess, well... it's a mess. Read more
10/31/2017 - Whether applying for one of the Big-4, medium-sized firms, or local startups, interviewing for companies can take a lot of time. In fact, it's a bit overwhelming. In my 2.25 years of recruitment, I've found myself faced with a variety of circumstances - coding challenges, phone interviews, video interviews, in-person whiteboarding. Each interface presents itself with a list of benefits as well as a whole set of challenges that the other platforms do not have. Read more
11/17/2016 - Everyone wants to be cool. Pardon the gross over generalization, but it’s mostly true. Even the people who think they’re above the opinions of everyone else have probably experienced wanting to be cool at least once in their life. Read more

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