02/26/2018 - Two weeks ago, I talked about how it's ok to not know what you have in store in the future. That uncertainty is part of life, and rather than worrying about the future, it's better to take action and discover what there is when you can At least, that's my course of action. Read more
02/12/2018 - I remember when I started my freshman year, I honestly wasn't too sure about what it meant to have a CS degree. All my exposure to Computer Science had been those times trying to build websites, make computer games, move robots, and participate in programming competitions. In fact, I never knew there was a major called "CS". I had always assumed that when I went to college, I would need to get a coding or Software Engineer Major. Never would I have expected that there would be something called "Computer Science". How is computer even a science? Read more
12/05/2017 - Oh man, to be honest guys, I don't know even where to start when I talk about entrepreneurship. If you've ever been in those moments where you have so many things you want to say, but can't find the right way to say it all. That's pretty much where I'm at. Because of that, I'm going to update y'all over what's happened this semester for me in entrepreneurship. I started entrepreneurship knowing nothing. Just a computer science, hackathon guy who could code up basic Python Flask websites and learn things on the go - essentially a jack of all trades. Read more
11/20/2017 - Dear friend, It's started. The thing you've been waiting for. Break. Read more
04/01/2017 - When I came to college, I didn't really come with much passion for CS. Sure, I came in with a lack of clarity in what the future held and a bright amount of curiosity as a freshman. I had a far-reaching desire outside of class to try out new things, scour the school for free food and shirts at events, and traverse through many different orgs surrounding the inner campus. But when it came to programming, I had considered it more of a matter-of-fact chore to do. Having taken CS classes in high school, I assumed much of programming to be self-explanatory. Read more

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