10/31/2017 - Whether applying for one of the Big-4, medium-sized firms, or local startups, interviewing for companies can take a lot of time. In fact, it's a bit overwhelming. In my 2.25 years of recruitment, I've found myself faced with a variety of circumstances - coding challenges, phone interviews, video interviews, in-person whiteboarding. Each interface presents itself with a list of benefits as well as a whole set of challenges that the other platforms do not have. Read more
09/17/2017 - These past few days have been quite the recruiting experience. Usually, whenever I think about recruiting, my mind does a double take because of the mixed feelings I have about the whole process - spending days upon days perfecting a resume, reading and writing dozens of emails to various companies, and receiving the sad but real amount of rejections post first-round interview all the way till final interview. Basically, a roller coaster of emotions (definitely a lot of good times though). Read more
02/21/2017 - Hello dear reader! As this semester's career fair has come and gone, I hope you all had a great and successful experience. For my part, even though it was only my second career fair, I thought my confidence and comfort levels were exponentially higher at last week's fair than they were at last semester's. Read more
09/26/2016 - Congratulations survivors! We have weathered the storm and come out the other side reasonably whole! When I walked into the Frank Erwin Center, I was definitely a bit overwhelmed. Over 200 companies were tabling, the thought of which made me a bit dizzy. And with both companies and students trying to woo the other, I couldn't help but think all this was a bit like some extravagant courting ritual. And I'm really bad at flirting. Read more

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