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Why UT?

My father received his MBA from Duke, and before that he graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology (India's MIT). My mother got her Ph.D. from Northwestern. My sister went to Princeton, UT Medical School, and started her residency in neuroscience at Penn last year. My friends in the Classes of 2010, 2011, and 2012 were going by the bucketload to schools like Harvard, Columbia, and Princeton.

Mobile Certificate Program Introduced To UTCS

It’s incredible what you can make with just Xcode and an idea (sorry Android people, I have my loyalties). I recently sat down with Dr. Paul Toprac to talk about the new Mobile Computing Certificate coming to UT and I’m so excited to see the projects that will result from it. Check out the news article that came from my interview!

Summer Unplans

Like most of the freshmen in their first few weeks of classes at UT, I decided that going to the career fair to scramble to get an internship was a good idea. Obviously, the earlier I could start panicking about the future, the better.

I didn’t get hired by Google or Facebook right then and there, but whatever. There was still time for the summer to work itself out. In March, I went to San Diego for a conference that I was invited to by one of the recruiters I’d met this year called Qualcomm Women’s Collegiate Conference.

Doug Wolfe Shares Success Behind Facebook

As computer scientists, the way that we impact society seems pretty clearly laid out. We write code, and the result is new ways for people to communicate, learn, organize data, or even drive cars. Last week, however, Doug Wolfe, who is the head of operations for Facebook’s Atlas advertising platform here in Austin, came to speak to Dr. Nandakumar’s Elements of Computing in Society class with a different message. He explained that innovation is about more than just computer scientists’ skill set. It includes an entire mindset as well.

Beyond UTCS: Reaching Out to the Next Generation of Computer Scientists

I just finished an article for the department's news page about a really cool CS workshop at an elementary school hosted by a Lecturer Alison Norman and some UTCS undergrad students. I hope you'll check it out and be inspired to find ways to bring CS to the next generation of students.


Last week, during Spring Break, I started watching The Office. I had always wanted to watch it, and so when I found out that Netflix had the entire show (and the British version), I started and figured I’d watch an episode or two.

I started on Sunday. By Friday, instead of the ten or so episodes I thought I would have watched, I was halfway through season 7.


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