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Finding Meaning in My Work (Part 1)

During my monthly existential crisis, I'll often draw an analogy between larger tech company employees and the cast of a movie. In my analogy, the CEO is the star, the person people talk about when they discuss the movie. E.g:

"Bro you haven't seen Shrek 2? That movie's definitely top 5 of all time, Eddie Murphy's delivery is hilarious."


"Bro have you heard Google's harvesting all our data? I don't trust Sundar Pichai, man. I think it's his eyes."

New Year Reflection

Have you ever been in a moment where you've had so many events, exams, and assignments all packed together that you don't even get a chance to breathe, rest, or think?

That's what happened last semester for me.

Running this way and that, I was always on a nonstop pace in order to go to meetings at the Panda Express Union, or participate at an entrepreneurial event downtown, or hole up in the Incubator to finish some Graphics project - to preoccupy my mind and always busy myself.

Scheduling Your Life

a sample weekly planner with time blocked off for classes

In my experience, there are two types of college schedules you can end up with after going through the nightmare that is registration. The first type of schedule is the balanced schedule: you have a few classes every day, perhaps all in a row or evenly spaced out through each day. The second type of schedule is the lopsided schedule, with all of your classes on two or three days and multiple days during the week when you have little or no class. Here are some positive and negative aspects of both kinds of schedules.

The Balanced Schedule

My Disgusting Apartment

Coming back to west campus after being gone Halloween weekend, I knew my apartment would be a little grimy. Halloween is my roommates' favorite holiday, and they celebrate accordingly. On my Uber ride back from the airport, the driver delivered an insistent speech about why AI would eradicate humans by 2030, which allowed me time between empty nods to plan my day. Sleep-deprived, starving, and with work to catch up on, I envisioned myself walking in, ignoring the slight living room damage, eating some cereal, taking a nap, and attempting to be productive for the remainder of the day.

Overloaded Decisions

I hate making a decision.

In fact, decisions are one of biggest flaws as a student.

Whether it's applying for jobs, picking orgs to join, or facing a million ideas to work on, I know I can't make a decision when I face so many options.

I'd rather take every option presented to me than have to sacrifice another option.

It's almost like my mind has this impulsive action, thinking "Let's just do it, and worry about the consequences later." I've had this reaction to decisions long before college.


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