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Interning at a Small Company

Small companies can offer speed, freedom, and growth in their internships.

Around now, the bigger CS companies are making their internship decisions, leaving many students either ecstatic that they finally got their dream job or disappointed in their lack of success. As someone who had no success last fall in finding internships, I know what it feels like to watch everyone else succeed and wonder if you'll manage to net an internship at all.

The Importance of Outreach

Wall-E Mindstorms

The Wall-E robots that we use in our classroom programs

I have always enjoyed helping others. There's something exciting about seeing the happiness on someone's face when you help them get through a really tough homework problem or give them advice for a tricky situation they're in. I especially like giving advice to people who are younger than me because I feel more qualified to solve those kinds of problems having already been through those earlier stages of life.

Learned Teaching

This weekend, I learned Git.

No seriously, I actually spent over 2 hours teaching some friends at a hackathon the importance of Git. And I learned O.O

Beforehand, I knew conceptually what Git was - a version control tool used in order to manage programming projects. In fact, I used it on a daily basis - pulling, adding, committing, pushing - I did all of that while sprinkling in a bit of stashing and rebasing every so often.


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