Current Computer Science majors can earn the CS Game Development Certificate and obtain internships and permanent jobs in the creative interactive media industry!

The digital (video, computer, etc.) game industry is predicted to be the fastest-growing form of media over the next few years, and already generates more revenue than the music industry and film box-office receipts. Texas has the second largest concentration of game studios in the U.S., and as mobile, online, and social platforms improve, more and more opportunities will arise.  With Austin having more game studios than the rest of the state combined, there is a need for a world-class game program centered in Central Texas.

To fill this need, Computer Science, Fine Arts, and Radio-Television-Film, have jointly developed an interdisciplinary program in game development.  The University of Texas at Austin consistently ranks in the top 10 in the Departments of Computer Science and Radio-Television-Film, and has an award winning College of Fine Arts.  The strength of these three academic organizations ensures that the UT's Game and Mobile Media Applications (GAMMA) Program is world-class.  Industry support comes from Chaotic Moon, EA, Jobs2Careers, Multimedia Games, Scopely, and many other studios.

In order to register for the Game Development Capstone, consent of instructor is required.  For more information about how to apply, go to Seats fill up fast.  So the sooner, the better!

Required Coursework for CS Certificate in Game Development*

Before entering into the Game and Mobile Media Applications (GAMMA) Program, CS students must meet the C++ requirement by taking any of the following:

The CS Game Development Certificate entails the completion of the following five requirements:

Suggested Course Sequencing for Game Development Certificate*

Semester 1: CS 312
Semester 2: CS 311 and 314
Semester 3: CS 429, CS 105 C++ (if not taking CS 105 C++ in Semester 3, can take CS 378 Generic Programming & STL in Summer)
Semester 4: CS 439 + CS Approved Elective
Semester 5: CS 354 Computer Graphics & CS 331
Semester 6: CS 354R Game Technology + CS Approved Elective
Semester 7: CS 354S 2D Game Development Capstone Fall Only Course
Semester 8: CS 354T 3D Game Development Capstone Spring Only Course


Finally, students are encouraged to take courses outside of the approved electives which are useful for game development, in Art and Art History, The Butler School of Music, Theater and Dance Department, and the Department of Radio-Television-Film.

* The CS Certificate in Game Development does not appear on UT's official transcript.  The Certificate may be stated on a resume as evidence of computational knowledge in game development. The Certificate will be accompanied by a letter that explains the program.  Once you have completed the requirements, submit the Certification Request:

Because game development is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary, it is highly recommended that students use their own laptops.  If you have any questions regarding the laptop requirements, please contact Dr. Paul Toprac.

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