Classified and Administrative & Professional personnel must be appointed via the Human Resources Management System (HRMS). Tenured/Tenure-track faculty are appointed annually, and non-tenured faculty are appointed on a semester by semester basis by the department. Please contact with questions regarding all faculty appointments.

Student employees - Teaching Assistants (TAs), Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs) and undergraduate students must be appointed every semester by the Accounting Office or individual Grant Admins at the direction of their supervising faculty members on grant funding. Please contact Accounting for more information or assistance.

Payroll- Faculty, Classified and A&P employees are paid on the first working day of every month. Student employees (GRA’S and TA’s) are also paid on the first working day of the month if appointment is approved by Payroll processing date.

Hourly employees (workstudy, undergraduate students) are paid on a semi-monthly basis. Please ask your supervisor about the timesheets to record your work hours. Timesheets are turned into the Accounting Office.

Click here to see Payroll Services for monthly and semi-monthly payroll release dates.