• The main department phone number is 512-471-7316.
  • The department fax number is 512-471-8885.

The CS Department maintains its own phone server.  Operating phones in CS is similar to elsewhere on campus, but any questions or problems should be sent to helpreq@cs.utexas.edu.

To call an on-campus number, simply dial the 5-digit phone number.  For off-campus local calls, you'll need to dial 9-512-XXX-XXXX.  For long distance and international numbers, you'll need to obtain a 6-digit long-distance dialing code, and then dial 8, wait for a dial tone, enter your long-distance code, wait for another tone, and then enter the number you're dialing (either 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX for US/Canada or 011-[countrycode]-[areacode]-[number] for international calls.

To access your voicemail from your phone, dial *512 and enter your password when prompted.  You'll be given a default password when you start, but you can change that in the voicemail menu.  If you need your voicemail password reset, send mail to helpreq@cs.utexas.edu.

To enable call forwarding from your phone, dial *72 and follow the prompts.  To disable it, dial *73.

For a directory of CS numbers, dial 411.

For emergencies, dial 911.

To use the departmental FAX machine in GDC 2.304, follow the printed instruction sheet attached to the FAX machine.