The designation "Research Affiliate" is a privilege accorded to scholars or researchers temporarily in residence at The University of Texas at Austin. These titles are Research Affiliate-Postdoctoral, Research Affiliate-Research Fellow, Research Affiliate-Sr. Research Fellow and Research Affiliate-Visiting Researcher/Scholar. The affiliation is required for any visiting researcher/scholar on campus for a period of at least two (2) weeks or more. 

Please consult with the Chair's Office before issuing an invitation to ensure office space is available and the sponsoring faculty must provide equipment for all visitors.  All visiting researchers/scholars must pass a background check and have an active affiliated appointment in order to obtain a UT-Austin ID card, and access campus privileges like libraries, parking permits etc.  Please notify the Accounting Office least 4 weeks in advance of the visitor arrival to generate the documents required and get VP Research Office approval for the visitor.  International visitors require a visa issued by the International Office, please see below for more details.

Please visit the UT visiting researchers and scholars page for complete Visiting Scholars/Researcher details and the steps involved.

Visas - If you wish to invite an international scholar or researcher to the department and request visa documents for the visitor's visa application and entry to the U.S. from the International Office, you must make arrangements at least 3-4 months in advance to ensure that the visa application is processed in time. Please contact for assistance.

Payments to International Visitors - Please note that international visitors may not receive reimbursement for travel expenses or be paid a stipend/honorarium without the appropriate visa. Prior to making arrangements with a visitor, contact to ensure that payment/reimbursement is allowed.